Wednesday, 12 April 2017

US-Pakistan Relations: Breaking the prism

Loud clamors perish the very essence of peace.
The debate– in some spheres– on the appropriate approaches for Pakistan are on the rise; the conundrum is that neither carrots nor sticks produce the desired results and therefore a creative solution needs to be carved out.
A recent article ‘US-Pakistan Relations and the Big Stick’ written by Michael Krepon voices similar concerns.
Firstly, The ‘final say’ on labeling Pakistan as a state sponsor of terrorism would be far from accomplished if some voices in India or US present subjective views incase of any unfortunate mishap. Few past Incidents of such sort have occurred; but the voice of majority has always shunned this misguided perception.
Little doubt, that the squeeze Pakistan camp maybe on the rise–despite Pakistan standing on the front line of US led war.
The appalling ally has breached trust– significantly, owing to its  – hollowing silence on the sacrifices incurred by Pakistan and a near non recognition of the externally influenced hostilities perpetrated on its ally’s soil.

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