Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Pins and Needles: Pakistan’s Concerns

The undercurrents of Pak-Afghan relations are often seen shifting, dictated by leaders in power, national security interests, and foreign policy ties. While many attribute erratic relations between the two countries to their historical baggage, others cite Afghanistan’s swelling affair with India as a reason for its disengagement, and Pakistan’s growing distrust. While Ghani’s appointment got many hoping that a reconciliation was possible between the two countries, more than it was under Karzai, soon into his tenure he was seen blasting Pakistan on international forums and media over its alleged covert and ‘undeclared’ war in Afghanistan, and functioning as a sanctuary for the Afghan Taliban.

However, what remains largely ignored in this narrative is an understanding of Pakistan’s concerns and core interests in Afghanistan, and consequently, its goals and motivations in the country.

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