Monday, 6 February 2017

India-Pakistan: In the name of Terror

India shows willingness to discuss Kashmir issue with PakistanIn the chronicles of -what appears to be- a perpetual rivalry; 2016 was another year marked with tensions between the neighbours.
The start of 2017 saw an elusive recognition of the so called cold start doctrine by the Indian army chief- which has remained under speculation for several years now.
One of the reasons why this theory remained under doubts, was owing to the expensive equipment requirement- which the Indian army lacked.
Worldwide anxieties regarding this offense once again gained traction after the reported US$ 2billion purchase of the T-90 main battle tanks from Russia- to be deployed on India’s western border with Pakistan , along with the existing tanks that are mostly outdated.
The former year included several mega defence deals between India : US, France , Israel , Russia etc. aimed at expanding current capabilities and modernizing its military. This makeover is much needed because of the failure of indigenous programs and the past reliance on Russia.

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