Monday, 30 January 2017

Glitches in countering global terrorism

Amongst the several discussions which took place during world economic forum 2017. A summation of the  two separate sessions – namely the Global Security Outlook 2017 and Terrorism in digital age–which included Raheel sharif as a panelist-. Reveals that a core concern amongst policy makers across the globe is in regards to the impact of cyberspace on the spread of terrorism.

The lag in catching up with technology- by the political world was also discussed.

The use of cyberspace has perhaps been the key propagated of the concept of globalism.

In a strange sense the online world carries the potential of serving as an alternate reality, as it allows a user to engage in –pretty much whatever it desires. The freedom of internet further enhances this unique sense of liberty, we all experience. The virtual realm therefore in itself serves as a ‘fully evolved’ product of globalism.

However, in the light of the ongoing challenges posed by global terrorism several concerns  were raised over the impact of this age on information on global terror

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