Thursday, 26 May 2016

Staring into the Abyss

Pakistan has had a busy month so far. Pick up any newspaper, international or domestic, and you will see the chaos that engulfs the nation. Chaos, that refuses to go away. Chaos, which to a large extent is self created and self-perpetuated. The apparent lack of realization about the future of this nation is both, horrifying and sobering.
 Bilateral relations with most strategic and vital countries continue a nose dive. Meanwhile, India continues to chart its course to become a global super star. Its ascent, from slum dog to millionaire, all but guaranteed. India through sheer hard work and nationalist pride has started an effective strategy of isolating Pakistan amongst the comity of nation. The fact that the United States considers India an important and ‘equal’ ally is naturally a great help in this course of action. The Indian encirclement of Pakistan is all but complete.

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