Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The World needs to look the other way

Is Pakistan making its defence capability more potent? Is it investing in its nuclear capacity? The answer to both these questions is YES! They are, but if you are an avid viewer of Fareed Zakaria’s prominent show ‘GPS’ you’d definitely be of the view that Pakistan is the only country buffing up its military and nuclear might and its authorities may be too incompetent in protecting its nuclear arsenal.
What Zakaria ignored was that the uranium stockpiles Pakistan has are used for both civil and military uses. Having recently announced a mid-century energy vision, the country plans to use most of its uranium to produce electricity, not weapons. The allegations on the security of the nuclear programme were also baseless. Pakistan has the strongest nuclear security and safety framework in the world. The International Atomic Energy Agency has so much confidence and respect for Pakistan’s nuclear safety and security culture that it is now using Pakistan’s Center for Nuclear Excellence as a regional hub to train others in the norms of safety and security adopted by Pakistan.

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