Friday, 22 April 2016

The issue in Okara

Oh dear! The latest move by General Raheel Sharif has certainly thrown a spanner in the dapper dog’s anti-military agenda. Just as they had started to build a case about how the big bad Khakis corruption has never been dealt with, the naughty general has gone ahead and started cleaning his own house. Now, how will the single malt whiskey with a line of cocaine movers and ‘script’ shapers of Pakistan, pay this month’s rent. Simple, by ignoring it all together, and focusing on another new ‘issue’ with the hope that this will shift the focus back onto their ‘fight against the khaki oppressors’.
The new buzzwords circulating amongst this lot, ladies and gentlemen are Okara, peasants, tanks, and land grabbing.  For them the situation in Okara is not yet another clear example of the Nawaz regime’s use of disproportionate force to quell citizens when they protest but, is instead a reason to band together as warriors who will take on the country’s military. The reason for them banding together is also mind boggling.

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