Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Obama’s Legacy

In a recent interview with the Atlantic, Barack Obama declared that Libya was his biggest mistake. An admission that is being peddled by the corporate media, as some sort of proof that Obama is the anti-Bush.
The arrogance and lack of genuine acknowledgment about the loss of life as result of his ‘mistake’ in Libya shows the perverse sense of entitlement that makes up the American political class. How lovely that President Obama has time to reflect on his legacy. It’s a luxury that is certainly not available to the people of Libya. It just boggles my mind that the president of United States, Nobel PEACE Prize recipient and all, was so incredibly short sighted, that he staged a regime change in a nation without having a contingency plan. It’s not like he didn’t have advisors warning him, because he did. He created the chaos in Libya simply because he felt that the people of Libya deserved American style democracy.

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