Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Decoding New Delhi

Once again the anti-peace lobby in the sub continent is hard at work writing one sided articles in an effort to ensure that dialogue between Pakistan and India remains a fantasy.
Opinion pieces with a hawkish tone seem to have become the bread and butter of western ‘experts’ which demand childish things out of Pakistan and its military. Instead of writing from a point of bringing real peace between the two nuclear armed nations they seem to be intent on making sure that these two sides never sit together. The favorite theme seems to be to try and demonize the Pakistan military and paint a picture that it is in reality, one of the best kitted terrorist outfit that the western world and its allies has ever seen. Such is the frenzy of hatred within these scholars of ‘world peace’ for Pakistan that any attempts at even sounding balanced seems to have gone out of the window. The article in the Indian Express by Christophe Jafferlot, senior research fellow at CERI-Sciences Po/CNRS, Paris, and a non resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Pakistan bashing, is another innuendo filled piece of garbage. He frames his op-ed on the question on whether Masood Azhars ‘protective custody’ reflects a new policy at the top of the Pakistan army.

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